Monday, December 26, 2005

Gee Family Christmas

Kaden's First Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryley and Kaden on Christmas Eve!!

Lacy And Chris at Chickasaw light festival

Kaden practicing standing up!!

Okay!! I don't know why these pictures are on here so crazy, but here they are. Hey, at least they are on here, right!! To see more of the Gee family Christmas click here. Well on Friday December 23rd we headed to Tecumseh for Chris' Family Christmas. All the kids got presents (there were 8 kids) and then the adults played dirty santa except with no gag gifts. And we all got 2 presents. I got a women's devotional planner (neat), and a candle. Chris got tools (boring). It was fun. Then on December 24th Christmas Eve, we went to Enid to celebrate Christmas with my step-dad's family like we do everyyear. That was pretty fun also, except we took off and left the presents we were supposed to bring under the tree at home. (oops). Then we got home around 10:30pm. We made cookies for Santa and got everything ready for Santa to come. He did come!! Boy did he come!! Click the above link (click here) to see this!! Ryley woke up with a rash that started on his face and spread down to his chest and arms. So no, we did not think church was a good idea with Ryley having a rash. So we opened presents. Halfway through, we had to stop and put Kaden to bed. He was worn out. Then my mom, grandpa, sister, and stepdad came. We had a big dinner and then opened more presents with them. then they left back to Enid and my dad and stepmom came. We ate AGAIN and opened more presents with them. At every gift opening, we had to stop and put Kaden to bed. He was so tired. He enjoyed opening a few gifts but after awhile he did not want to have anything to do with it. THEN at 10pm I was headed off to work from 11p-7a. YUCK!! I was sooo exhausted. But I made it through the night. We had only one person come in to have her baby. I enjoyed taking care of her. Then I came home and slept all day. Busy!! Busy!! Now that Christmas is over I have 2 Birthday parties to start planning for. Kaden's is Jan. 3rd and Ryley's is Jan. 28th. FUN!! Well more later. God Bless!!!

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