Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Gee House!!

Well I am getting much faster at putting pictures
on here. Now my problem is, I have too many
pictures that I want on here. But I thought this was a good one considering it's Christmas time. This is our house this year. I don't know why but I wanted an all pink house. It did not work out the way I planned, so we might have to change next year. First, I wanted big lights around the house. I could not find any pink big lights for anything. So we went with small. They light up pretty well, but big lights would have been better. Then I would not find any net lights to put on the bushes and tree, so I had to settle for blue. And I wanted a cross on top the house. So we just used some lights from last year for that. I think the finished product is very pretty though. Yes, we really go all out for Christmas. Chris gets mad at me because I spend too much money around this time and everything has to be just perfect. We also have certain traditions that have to be done. We go look at Christmas lights. We make Christmas cookies. We get pictures made for Christmas cards. We open "one" present on Christmas eve. And we usually go to the Christmas pageant in Enid but they aren't doing it this year due to reconstruction of the church. Everything has been a little bit harder this year, now that we have another kid. Well anyway, this is our beautiful house.


Dustin said...

Looks great. Much better than my "lazy man's" effort of stringing lights along the sidwalk outline.

LacyGee said...

the noodle