Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kaden's First Christmas

Here is a picture of Kaden by our Christmas Tree. He Loves
to look at all the lights. Ryley is getting very excited as well.
He asked me every day if he can open just one present.
Work is getting pretty hectic. All the doctors are trying to get
their patients delivered before Christmas, so they will not have
a chance of having to come in on Christmas day. I worked last
night, so I pretty much slept all day. Well, it took me about an hour to figure out how to get this picture on here, but I think I will get better and faster at it real soon. I love reading every-one's blog. Does this mean I don't have a life?? Anyway, Ryley and I are busy trying to memorize his lines for his Christmas play. He has long parts but he seems to have them memorized already. I have to go to his school on Friday and help his class make gingerbread houses. How fun!! I remember doing that when I was little. I have a few more things to buy for Christmas and then I am done. One of them is a dirty santa gift for our church Christmas party. I have no idea what to buy. I guess i will just get something that I want and try to get that present. Well See ya later!!

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