Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Boys

Here is Daddy and Kaden. Kaden really wasn't all that awake after his nap. And Chris just thought he might get a nap. (Ha)

Well I got called off of work again last night. I guess there is not enough patients for me to be there. It's fine and it's not fine. I really need two nights of income, but oh well. God will provide, Right!! Well the package from Chris' dad in Tucson, Arizona came today. We usually wait until Christmas to open it, but this year we decided to open it TODAY!! Well we'll start with Chris' present because he was the most excited. He got a $100 gift card to Radioshack. He wanted a blue tooth earpiece. So after opening everything, we packed up and went straight to Radioshack (yes in the mall, with ALLLLL the PEOPLE!!). He had to have it TODAY!! Ryley got the DVD Madagascar, the 3 Wisemen, a football and b-ball and $20 gift card to Wal-mart. He said he was going to buy an XBOX game. WHOOO!! Kaden got learning puppy, a LITTLE PEOPLE playset, and 2 Little Einstein DVDs (he loves these!!) And I got $100 gift card to JCPennys. I really need clothes, but I am trying to lose weight. So maybe I will hold onto it for a little while and see what happens. If all this Holiday junk food doesn't go AWAY, I am not going to get anywhere. And that is all for that package. Tomorrow we head to Tecumseh for the Gee Family Christmas. We had to buy each of the kids something (7 kids) and then the adults are going to play diry santa 3 times. Except it won't be as dirty as the church class party as there will be no gag gifts. (HA) Although we really enjoy our odor eaters bottle (HA HA). Then Saturday we'll head to Enid!! More on that later. We are just about to head to Chickasaw right now to look at the lights. The Glaven's blog inspired us to go, SO Bye Bye!!

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