Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ryley's Gingerbread House!!

Today I went to John Ross Elementary, to Mrs. Nelson's First Grade class. I helped Ryley's class make gingerbread houses. It was pretty fun, considering I really needed a break from Kaden. I was looking forward to spending some special time with Ryley. He was looking forward to me coming and helping as well. I do try to be as involved as I can. I am no homeroom mom or anything like that though. I think that requires too much responsibility, and with Kaden I would not be very good at it at all. I am supposed to work tonight, so after this I am going to go home and see if I can get some rest. Oh, never mind, they called me off, there are not enough patients for me to come in. Oh, Darn!! Tomorrow is the church class Christmas party. My mom is coming down to watch the boys. (Thank you, Nana!) This will be Kaden's first time with a babysitter. So we'll see how he does. This will also be Chris and I's first time out alone since Kaden has been born which was almost a year ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very excited. I know this is a casual event, but I think I will dress up a little, just because I haven't gotten to in soo long. Well Bye for now!!

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Dustin said...

Enjoying your blog, keep it up! At least your not overly involved at school as some mom's I know. Not sure if the teachers appreciate those "helicopter moms" anyway from what I've read.