Friday, December 30, 2005

To Eat or not to Eat!! With Kaden, we'll never Know!!

Hello!! Well Kaden has not ate well for over a week now. We called Dr. Dean (Dr. I work with in MWC, general pediatrician) She said that kids around this age drive their parents crazy with eating. She said they like to see how much food their parents can open without them actually eating it. Last month he ate a ton of food and he only gained 11 oz. Which is good but she wanted to see a pound. Now he is barely eating anything. I can get cereal and yogurt down him in the morning. And he usually drinks one sippy cup (8 oz) a day of chocolate formula. ( Formula with ovaltine) But I can't get hardly any food down him for lunch and dinner. Dr. Dean did tell me not to worry about it and that if he only gains 1/2 pound a month then he is okay. As long as he never starts to lose weight. She also said she would like to see him today just to make sure everything is okay. And since we are almost 1 year old I assume we will do our well-baby check up while we are there, which means SHOTS!! I cannot stand to watch him get shots. They are almost worse than the heart surgeries. I hate it all, but I know he has to have them. Our appointment is at 3pm. So I will update again when that is over. Oh another question I will ask her is if she wants to keep Kaden on formula or switch to whole milk since he is almost a year. (Jan. 3rd) Yes we are busy planning his b-day party. I think we will just do a come and go thing for family. They can let Kaden open their gift and eat some cake and go when they choose. I think I will also get a plate of Chick-fil-A nuggets. I have no idea how much that will cost though. And I need to get a cake. Anyway, I better go since it seems I have a lot to do. Byeee!!!

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