Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Weigh In!!!!!!

Well Kaden had to go get his second RSV shot today. Only high risk children get these shots because they are like $1000 per shot and you have to get 3 of them. Last month he weighed in at 18-2. Today he weighed in at 18-13. So he gained 11 ounces in one month. The doctor would like to see 1 pound a month. Our doctor wasn't in the office today so I will see what she thinks about the weight gain tomorrow. Hopefully all is well. I would just die if we had to have another feeding tube. We did change to size 4 diapers this week. They are still a little big though. The RSV shots are horrible. You'd think that after all I've been through with heart surgeries, ICU, the ventilator, oxygen, etc.. that I could handle a shot. But it just tears me up to see him cry in pain for anything. They have to mix the dose up into two shots because it would be too strong for one shot. They gave him the first one and he immediately started screaming and the nurse was trying to comfort him and I said "Just give him the next shot and hurry up so I can hold him". I think the best way to get any shots (if there is more than one) is as fast as you can. And being a nurse, I do that, because I know the parents want the child ASAP!! Anyway, he has been fussy all night since then. Chris is going out of town on business tonight, so I get to deal with him alone. Yea!!! Oh, and as you can see from the picture, he doesn't like the scale either.

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