Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yea!! A dishwasher!!

Okay, well for the update from yesterday-We did Kaden's 1 year well baby checkup and just a general checkup. He really doesn't turn a year until Tuesday but we did it early. He weighed in at a whopping 19 lbs 1 oz and is 30 inches long. He is in the 5th % for weight and 50th % for height. Yea! We're on the growth chart!!!!!! Dr. Dean put her stethescope on him and he screamed like I have never heard him scream before. And I could not get him to settle down. It was so sad. He must REALLY be traumatized from his surgeries, especially with all the fussiness and difficultness. (IS that a word?) We came in one day shy of him being able to get his shots. So we have to make another trip to MWC next week for shots. But he did end up getting a flu shot. And that just made everything worse. I just want to cry with him. She said he is just going to be a more fussy baby than most. And that is fine with me as long as I know there is nothing else wrong with him. We have our next cardiology appointment on Feb. 20th. Anyway, I got a new dishwasher---RYLEY!! I was needing to get ready and do dishes at the same time and I was wondering how I was going to get this done. And it occured to me that Ryley can reach the sink with his stepstool and it wouldn't take me long to show him where stuff goes. He did a great job!! So I am just soooo excited that I have a new chore for him to do. The picture of Kaden is him at 8pm on Christmas night, opening our 4th set of gifts from my dad and stepmom. He has new PJ's on. They are so cute! I think we must have recieved every toy at the store because our house sure does look like Toys R Us threw up in it. I have exactly one week to get this house back in order for Kaden's Birthday Party. FUN!!!

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