Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Broken Arm??

Okay, two Sundays ago, Chris went to the church to play basketball. He somehow fell on his wrist. He came home and complained about it for 3 days straight. He consulted with Amy Risley, and went and bought a brace. He wore the brace for about a week. The complaining got a little better, so I thought he was going to be fine. He consulted with Amy again and she said he probably needed to go get an x-ray just to be sure. So after a week and a half, Chris went to get an x-ray. Yes, he broke his arm. He has a hard cast on first and then a soft cast. He is at a surgery consult right now as I am typing this. He will have to wear this cast for 12-18 weeks. YUCK!!! The bad thing is that I work nights and I sleep during the day, so he has to watch Kaden while I sleep!! Anyway, he isn't in that much pain yet, but I think after keeping his arm in one position FOREVER, I think it will start to hurt. Anyway, I will update a little later about the surgery consult.

We went to get Kaden's RSV shot for the month on Monday. He weighed in at 19-4. He was 19-3 last week. I don't know how but he gained an ounce. WHOO!! Anyone who has easy recipes for picky eaters please email me Or just nutritious food that your kids ate. My problem and stress comes from not knowing WHAT to feed him. So any advice would be awesome. We did go ahead and get a front-facing carseat. He's close enough to 20 pounds. He loves facing forward and being able to see everyone. He always laughs! I don't think he has figured out that he can go to sleep in it though. Well that is all that is happening at the Gee house. See ya later.


TimJ said...

You say Chris is a whiner, I say he was man enough to walk around with a broken arm for a week and a half.

Dustin said...

So you're the breathy voice calling my wife! Enough already!