Sunday, January 29, 2006

Crib Fiasco!!

Well in my previous blog I talked about how busy I was this week. Well Monday, I was supposed to work 7p-7a. Well at around 2pm that day, I had put Kaden down for an afternoon nap. I turned the monitor on and all of a sudden, I heard this loud scream followed by loud crying. Nothing that I have heard before. I ran in there, and Kaden was laying underneath his crib and the side had come loose on one side and broke. (Now about 3 months ago, Chris was trying to fix the camera above his crib to where we could see him on the monitor and fell into the crib and broke it. But he THOUGHT he fixed it) Kaden did hit a screw that was sticking out on his way down and had a little bleeding from his head, not much. And he was fine. As soon as I picked him up, he quit crying and was okay. My dilemma at that time was, Kaden HAD to have a bed and a nap. So I fixed a very soft pallet on the floor of his room for his nap. He slept 30 minutes. And if you know Kaden at all, he doesn't sleep anywhere but his bed, with his giraffe, and noise maker on. So by now it was 3pm. I usually leave for work at 6:10pm and I usually have fed the boys before work and Ryley had basketball practice at 6:30pm. So I call in to work and tell them I have a wierd emergency. They let me be off until 11pm. They are sooo great at work. And the crib could not be fixed. The wood had split and it just wasn't safe anymore. So the search was on. We went to Target first. They had 2 beds out. One for 359.00 and one for 179.00 which was more in our price range, but I did not like it. They had more online but would take 5-7 days to get here. No help!! Then we called Babies R Us. We asked them if they had any cribs for $200 or under. The lady said "Yes, we do but I would not buy one of those if I were you. They are cheap and are the kinds they use in Daycares." We just laughed and were like, what is that supposed to mean. So forget them. (I really didn't have time to go there anyway, being that Ryley had b-ball at 6:30 and no one had had dinner yet) So we went to Wal-mart, which is where we should have gone in the first place since it is basically right in our backyard. They had a few choices to pick from and we got the one you see in the pic. I didn't want to get to expensive because he probably won't be in it very long anyway. And this is only the second day he was pulling up in his crib. This crib was $199.00-PERFECT!! Our next problem, CHRIS ONLY HAS ONE ARM. HOW in the world are we going to get it in the house and how is he going to put it together with one arm. So we call our lovely friend Tom Sawyer. And he was right over with his big muscles and we got it in our house. I ran Ryley to b-ball after both kids had popcorn chicken and okra from Wal-mart deli. Chris put the whole crib together with one arm and was done by 9:15pm. And by the time I left for work at 10:20pm I was EXHAUSTED!! And i had a busy night. 2 deliveries!!! And that is the end of my story. Now if I could get him to sleep good in it, I would be doing great, but that's a whole other blog!! BYEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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