Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Kaden!!!!!

Today Is Kaden's 1st Birthday. Look how big he is. I can't believe its already been a year. A year ago today he was born at 12:22pm. He weighed 7-5 and was 22 inches long. My labor was awesome. I got my epidural before they even started my pitocin for my induction. How cool is that. I guess it pays to deliver where you work. Ha!! Now Kaden weighs 19-1 and is 30 inches long. He has underwent 5 major heart operations and several other procedures and tests. This is a strong little boy and a gift from God. We never thought he would make it this far and now he is a year. Kaden is not the typical 1 year old but we are catching up QUICK!! Kaden sits real well on his own. He lunges forward like he is going to crawl but always falls. He is still real weak in his arms. He has a therapist come out once a week to help him get stronger and catch up. Mentally and Socially Kaden is right on track. He can say Da Da, Ma Ma, Bye Bye (although it comes out Byeeeee), Night Night (except this comes out Na Na)! His Sunday School teachers say he is very socialable in class. He has learned to throw a fit, and it is hilarious because he will look up and see if you are watching him or not. He loves to make his brother laugh at him even if this involves spitting or throwing food. What a Great day to celebrate. We love our little boy more than anything in the world and we are glad he is okay. Happy Birthday Kaden!!!!!

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Audrey said...

Happy birthday, Kado! (As Kyle would call him) We love you little man. We always knew that God had a special plan for you and your family and we can't wait to watch you grow into a handsome man. God Bless!