Friday, January 20, 2006

Kaden Relaxing While Eating!!

Here is Kaden, relaxing while eating. He is so funny! Eating has gotten a little better this week. I am reading this book "How to get your kid to eat" by Ellyn Satter. It has some good points in it and they are obviously working. I'm not as stressed about him eating this week. Also, he has become a little more mobile. Somehow, yesterday he got from our TV to our coffee table. I don't think he crawled really, we really don't know how he got there. He kind of crawls/scoots. But anyday he will be crawling. I can't wait. His fussiness has gotten better since he has been able to go somewhere also. So it was a pretty good week! His therapist comes today and she is going to be impressed.
Okay update on Chris' arm. He had his surgery consult. And unfortunately he broke the one bone in his whole body that takes the longest to heal. So we are looking at a lot of cast time. BUT on a good note, the surgeon did not think he would have to have surgery. He said we will reevaluate in a couple months but he didn't think surgery would be needed. So that is awesome. I have had enough surgeries this year. I do have to work tonight 7p-7a YUCK!! Actually I look forward to work my twice a week. I love the people I work with and when we aren't busy, its so nice to socialize with someone other than Kaden. Ha!! Then I get off at 7am and Ryley has a b-ball game at 8am. Who makes these schedules. A Game at 8 am, I can barely function at that time. So I will go to the game and then go home and go to bed. That's all for now. See ya!!

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