Sunday, January 08, 2006

Kaden's 1st Birthday Party!!

On Saturday we had Kaden's First Birthday Party. With mine and Chris' family there were close to 20 people and kids at this party at our house. I think Kaden may have been a little or should I say "a lot" overstimulated. We started out the day with Ryley having an 8am basketball game. (Why schedule a game at that time) So we were up early early and I even had to wake Kaden up to go. I fed him cereal in the car and fruit. He really didn't eat much. He was acting like he didn't really feel good. Glossy eyes, runny nose, clingy. The party started at 1pm. I couldn't cancel because there really wasn't another day I could really do it and Ryley's party is in two weeks. So we got the cake and got ready for the party. Kaden was asleep when all the guests arrived. But hey, its a 1 year olds party, what do you expect. He finally woke up and was soooo crabby. He woke up a little more and played a little bit, while being crabby. Then time for cake. I got him his very own little cake to just dig into, as you can see in the picture. 20 people were standing all around him staring and singing "Happy Birthday". You could tell he was terrified. Then I blew out the candle for him and gave him the cake. All he could do was cry. I felt so sad for him but at the same time I wanted him to eat his cake because I knew he would love it. I put his hand in the cake for him and he cried even louder. Poor Baby, he just didn't feel good. So still not even getting to taste his own cake, I cleaned him up and held him which was all he wanted. I gave him some Tylenol and he started to feel a little better and sort of acted like he wanted to play a little. Then we opened presents, which he didn't want to do either. He did enjoy playing with his presents though after we got everything batteried up and put together. He got a Leap Frog play table. It is a neat little table that he can stand at and play with the toys on top at the same time. I thought this might help strengthen his leg muscles. He also got a ton of clothes, books, PJ's, a leap frog caterpillar #'s, blocks and stacking cups, a baby tether ball thing, and little b-ball, football, and soccer balls that he can throw. He loves them! So all in all it was a pretty good day but for it being Kaden's birthday, he really did not enjoy any part of it. Oh here's a few pointers for those of you getting ready to have a 1st B-day: 1. has great b-day packages 2. DO NOT GET DARK BLUE ICING (it was everywhere!) 3. Albertson's has a 1st Birthday package-you buy the sheet cake and you get a little cake for baby free along with a #1 candle, a camera, and a balloon and cake cutter. Pretty Cool!!

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