Monday, February 06, 2006

He's Crawling!!!!

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've been busy busy and not to mention Chris took the computer to Houston with him. You don't realize how important something is until it's gone. Right!! Anyway Chris left Thursday morning at 6am for a business trip to Houston. I could have went too, but I have issues and I can't seem to leave Kaden. I really need to, but I can't seem to do it. Anyway, So Kaden and I went to the park after taking Ryley to school. Kaden loves the swings! He cries when I take him out. Awww!! I just need him to walk and I think he would have sooo much more fun. And if any of you guys know me, I am very scared to stay by myself. I don't know why, I just am. I mean I can do it, I am just scared to. My mom came on Friday night, so I only had one night by myself. Kaden was super fussy all night. Actually he cried until 2 am. I was thinking ear infection, but I wasn't sure because Kaden has never been sick other than is heart thing. By 2am I was very tired and wishing Chris was back home already! So after being up all night, Friday morning I took Kaden to Dr. Crittenden. Kaden's regular Dr. is in Midwest City but I really think I am going to switch to Dr. Crittenden. I have seen him a few times with Ryley and Kaden. I get along with him well, and I seem more reassured by him then Kaden's other Dr. He asked when we go see the cardiologist again and just seemed to care a great deal for him. I know some people who absolutely love him and some who don't like him. But I was really impressed!! So he is our new Dr. He is very knowledgeable about the heart as well. Anyway, Kaden had a right ear infection, runny nose, and very very cranky. I really did not want to deal with this while Chris was gone. But I guess I did not have a choice. So Kaden's first ear infection. We got ear drops for pain, antibiotics and he said I could give him Benadryl for the runny nose and to help him sleep. So my mom got here. Kaden still very fussy. I couldn't wait to give him the Benadryl, so he would go to sleep. Well he did sleep for a little while only. He was probably up every hour. I was exhausted. He just wanted Mommy! And I just wanted Chris!! Okay, by Saturday he was doing better and STARTED CRAWLING. YEA!!!! I am sooo excited. He is not great at it yet but he is getting where he needs to go. So on his 13 months he started crawling. So we are catching up pretty fast, I think. He looks so cute crawling. You guys just don't know how excited I am! I thought he would never crawl. My mom left Sunday morning. Kaden was still fussy and his nose was like a fountain so we didn't make it to church, although I really wanted to go. Ryley started BASEBALL practice Sunday afternoon ALREADY!! We haven't even finished basketball yet. Then I was all ready to go to the Williamson shower. I had it all planned out, I was going to put Kaden down for a nap at 3 and then go to the shower. Well kaden would not go to sleep which is what he's been doing a lot lately. I cannot get this kid on a routine for anything. So after letting him fuss for while in his crib and rocking him and everything else to get him to sleep I got him out of his crib. I put on Baby Mozart (Baby Einstein movie) and layed him in front of the TV while I got ready. I came out to get him dressed for the shower and he was ASLEEP!! WHAT!!! So no shower for me. I moved him to his bed and he slept an hour and a half. Chris came home at 7:00pm. Thank Goodness!! He got to see Kaden crawl. AND Kaden started signing for milk. How fun!! Sorry this is soo long, but a lot happened and I don't want anyone to miss any part of our life. HA. Oh I have been tagged by Dustin but I think I will wait until a little later to do that since this is such a long blog entry. Byeeee!!


Audrey said...

Yeah Kaden!!!!! Boy is your mommy in for it now that you are mobile. We love Dr. C. Don't feel bad that you can't leave him. We haven't left Carson and he is 18 months old! Laci, you are such a great mommy!

LacyGee said...

You said you don't realize how important something is until it's gone... You are refering to me right? or the computer!

Chris Gee-
Your Husband...