Friday, February 10, 2006

Occupational Therapy and Random Thoughts!!!

Kaden's therapist (Brooke) came today. We haven't seen her in two weeks. She was very impressed with Kaden. Since we've seen her last, Kaden has started crawling, pulling up and signing for milk. Yea!! The next step is getting him to pull up and stand, and be able to get down and eventually start to cruise around stuff. Well we've been on 7 days of antibiotics now. And no diarrhea. Dr. C said if we push the yogurt that he won't get it that bad and he sure hasn't at all. Today he is very fussy and cranky. I don't really know what is wrong. It could be that I have worked the past two nights and been sleeping the past two days and he misses me. I don't know! Hopefully it is nothing!!

OHHHH---I got Rascal Flatts tickets for Chris for Valentines Day! But, I was soo excited about it that I couldn't wait for V-day to show him, so I already told him. I always ruin a good surprise!! But I have never been to a concert before, so It should be a great night. AND I don't think Chris and I have been out together alone since Kaden has been born!! We might not come back! HA!!

Ryley has a b-ball game at 8am on Saturday. ughhhhh!! It is are last one. YEA!! Then afterwards our team is supposed to be at Mcdonalds on 2nd and bryant at 9am for breakfast and the boys will get their medals. They have won every game. And of course, our team name is the Hornets.

Also on Saturday, Ryley's real dad's parents are coming into town. I have not cut them off from Ryley. And for those of you who don't know, Ryley has not seen his real dad in over 2 years and Chris is in the process of adopting him. We just lack a final hearing and then Ryley will be a real "Gee". He has been going by "Gee" for quite some time though. Well I better quit writing now, Chris keeps telling me that I write too much. So Byeeee!!!

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