Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sledding and Sunday

Well after Church we headed out to sled. We found a spot on 2nd st. and I-35 right in front of that gas station and mailbox. It wasn't a huge hill but good for what we needed it for. Ryley and Chris had a Blast!! I think Chris had the most fun out of everyone. Ryley's friend Austin and his family came as well. We had one of the intertube sleds and they go WAYY FAST!!! FUN!!! Kaden went down a couple times, he had fun until Chris took him down in this little sled and he fell face forward in the snow. Poor Baby! We only were out there about 45 minutes and Ryley was tired and he had batting practice at 2pm. Right before we left I encouraged Austin's mom to go down on the intertube because she hadn't gone yet. Well, if you start to go too far you have to jump off the sled because there is a creek with lots of trees and a big drop off area. So, she went down and couldn't stop or jump off and she popped the sled. No more sled. But she was Okay. It was funny and scary! So while Ryley was at batting practice, Chris went to Academy to get another one. They had been on sale for 2 weeks. He bought one for $2.00. He got one that looked like a wave runner (blow up one) and a double intertube sled. How cool is that. So now we are home. I am blogging, Kaden is taking a nap, and yes Chris and Ryley are outside sledding.

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Audrey said...

I was driving home today from running errands and I saw this really tall noodle in black coveralls running like a madman down a hill on 2nd street. Could it possible be you???? HA!