Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We've been tagged!!!!!!!!!

We've been Tagged by Dustin!! So here goes.

Four jobs we've had:
Cashier at supermarket (Lacy)
Labor and Delivery Nurse RN (Lacy)
Waiter at Cracker Barrell (Chris)
Self Employed-Ameriplan (Chris)

Four Places we've lived:
Enid, Okla (Lacy and Chris)
Seminole, Okla (Chris)
Edmond, Okla (Chris and Lacy)
Tecumseh, Okla (Chris)

Four Movies we Like: (chris isn't here to help, so this is just lacy)
The Notebook
Sweet Home Alabama
The Wedding Planner
How to lose a guy in 10 days

Four TV shows we watch:
CSI Miami (Chris)
American Idol
The Bachelor

Four places we've been on Vacation:
Eureka Springs Arkansas
The Bahamas (Paradise Island)
Detroit, Michigan (Chris)
Disney World and Orlando florida x2 (Lacy)
(We've almost been married 4 years and have hardly been anywhere together. We better get busy! This summer we are going to Tucsan Arizona and Mexico. WHoooo!!)

Four websites I check daily: (Once again, chris is not here and I'm sure his are different)
Edmond young families (Blogs)
Bank of the west
My email
I don't have a fourth but Chris checks his business website daily and more

Four things I am going to do today:
Take Ryley to the batting cages with his team
Blow bubbles with Kaden
Kiss my husband

Four people I am tagging: (I don't really know who all has been tagged, but here goes)
Kyle and Audrey
Scott and Heather

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The Noodle said...

I have a BLOG!!!!!!!!!

really just so i can post and it won't say Lacy SAID....

Chris Gee