Friday, March 24, 2006


Yes, this is what Kaden has now. Wednesday night we went to the devo at church. Kaden ate pizza real well and his fruit. I took his to class, he started playing and everything was fine. Then about 10 minutes after class started, Brenda came and got me and said some of the girls in the nursery thinks Kaden feel hot. Yes, he did feel hot. We took him home, 100.6 was his temp. He went straight to bed after some Motrin. On Thursday, he ran fever all day but no more symptoms until 3pm. Then he just started crying, not eating, and just fussy fussy. So we took him to the doc and I was praying we didn't have another ear infection because we had only been off antibiotics for a week or so from the previous ear ache. They got him right in to see Dr. Crittenden. He doesn't have an earache thank goodness. He has Coxsackie virus. Otherwise known as hand, foot, mouth disease. This is not dangerous at all and farely common. He will run fever, have sores in his mouth that are painful, he has a red rash on his hands, bottom, and feet. The treatment is popcycles, ice cream, slushes, yogurt and anything cold and easy to get down. And Tylenol and Motrin for fever and pain. It is contagious until Kaden has not had fever for at least 2 days. This was the first day Kaden has not ran fever. He is enjoying his diet though.
Okay, I haven't heard from Mercy yet about the job opportunity. Some of the girls said it takes awhile sometimes. I have waited a week now. So hopefully the first part of next week, they will call. I think I am just going to do it part time though. Because it is baseball season and I have to go to Ryley's game. It will kill me to miss one. Anyway, I'll keep ya updated. OHHHH-- Thursday, before I knew what Kaden had, I took the boys to portrait innovations (recommended by Audrey) to get pics done. THEY did an AWESOME JOB!! I am trying to figure out how to get them on here. But I love the pics. I probably spent too much money on them but they were soooo good. Anyway, I'll try to get them up soon.

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