Sunday, March 19, 2006

Decisions, Decisions!!

Okay, still not much has been going on with us. Spring Break came and went. Ryley had football camp the last part of the week so Kaden and I went to Enid to see my mom and sister. My sister had surgery on her bottom (If you want to know) and we took care of her pretty much the whole time. My mom got to see Kaden pulling up and walking around things. I was supposed to do free reading with Ryley over Spring Break and record it and it is now Sunday and we haven't read one thing. So I told Ryley we are going to read a book every hour. Aughhhh. I am a bad mom.

Anyway, I have this opportunity to take at Mercy hospital. I can sign on to work there for 6-12 weeks for mega bucks in labor and delivery. We could be right on track with our Dave Ramsey course and get a LOT of stuff payed off. Hey, we might even get to medical bills. Who knows! This could be a really good break for us. I would do the part time contract which is at least one 12 hour shift a week, but you can work more. And I still have my job at the Renaissance in MWC. So I would probably be working a lot, but getting paid A LOT! My only set back is: MERCY IS BUSY BUSY having babies. They do sooo many deliveries a month. I get stressed out a lot at my other job where there aren't as many deliveries. Everyone keeps telling me that I am CRAZY if I don't do it. And you don't really get a good orientation, you just kind of get thrown into it and you have to just figure everything out. Scary! So pray for me everyone. I did apply and am pretty sure I will get hired, I am just terrified of change.

Chris did get his cast off and Dr. Amy Risley said from the x-ray it looked like it healed good. So no surgery for Chris yet. (Hopefully not in the future either). Ryley's soccer game was canceled for today due to rain. Yea! I don't think they should have soccer games on Sundays anyway. I think we will call and complain about that. Okay, I better get ready for church. See ya!

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