Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What in the WORLD!!

WHY is Buckey Covington still on American Idol????? WHY?????? And he wasn't even in the top 3. WHAT is going on!!! A LOT of people must be voting for him the whole 2 hours. I LIKED Lisa. AND i thought she did good singing the Kelly Clarkson song.
Oh and I don't think Paris is going to be okay now that she's gone. She almost made me cry when she was crying. This is getting hard! Who knew reality TV could bring out so many emotions. HA! Just wanted to let off some steam! See ya!

Oh one more thing going on in the GEE house.....................................My 7 year old son Ryley, 7, 7, 7, came home the other day and could not stop talking about this girl in his class. He said she kept saying "cutie" to him. (Oh Great!) Then today he came home with the words "I Love ...." on his arm in red marker. I told him he was a cute boy but he was wayyyyy to young to have a girlfriend. And just like a month ago he hated girls. I am in big trouble!! HELP!!

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