Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yeah!!! Yeah!!

Okay, well I was about to except that job at Mercy and my boss calls. She offered me the exact same contract that Mercy was offering me if I would stay at MWC-Renaissance. The contract states for 13 weeks $40.00/hr full time hours. I said OKAY!! And i am very comfortable there and they work around my crazy schedule with Ryley's sports and such. AND just for 13 weeks and then I'm done. Do you know how much stuff we could pay off!! Dave Ramsey here we come!! I am going to be working like crazyyyyy, but only for 13 weeks. I think I can do it. Pray for me. Also, for Kaden he might have a few breakdown's without me available all the time. But I will just be in the other room sleeping if he really needs me. I will be working 7p-7a three times a week. Yeah!! I guess Chris will have to be Mr. Mom for 13 weeks as well. And he can work the business on the days I am off. Perfect!!

About Coxsackie! Kaden is feeling MUCH better and eating a little better. His bumps are minimal now and not as red. And he hasn't ran fever in like 4 days. So I think we have kicked this one in the bucket. NOW Chris is sick AUGHH-- Will it ever end. He has fever, headache, chills, aches, sore throat and this is day 3 for him. We haven't went to the doc for him yet hoping it would go away. He is working a little today, so he must feel a little bit better.

My favorite show came back on Monday. Everwood! I love it. And I am so into American Idol this year. This is my first year to watch the whole thing and now I cannot miss a single week of it. Thank goodness for DVR. I think its time for Bucky to go!! He is good at times but I don't think his voice is strong enough and I don't think he is American Idol material. Simon was pretty harsh last night. Whew!! Anyway, I think I will take Kaden to the mall to play indoors, he really hasn't been there now that he can crawl and pull up. There's soo many germs there though. We will probably end up with something else!! See ya.

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