Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Catching Up!

Whew!! Okay week 2 is almost over with this contract. 11 more to go! This is wearing me out. I am either working or sleeping and when I am not doing those things I am trying to squeeze in as much time with the boys (including Chris) as I can. I think I will start to get used to all this very soon, I hope. I forgot how hard it was to work full time and be a mother and wife. Luckily, I have a very helpful husband whose schedule is flexible. Anyway, not much has been going on here. We did end up taking our Awesome camera back to the store. (Boo!) We got another awesome one for half the price. We decided we didn't need that expensive of a camera, when this other camera does the exact same thing mostly and for what we needed it for. Kaden is soo onery (Sp ??). He has certainly become a toddler. An unwalking toddler at that. But he is sooo cute and doing new stuff every day. His vocabulary consists of cog (dog), mama, dada, baby, bye bye, biper (diaper), and screaming. That's about it. It is very hard to teach a child to talk. He is having a ball at his Mother's Day Out program. I think of an excuse every day to keep him home, but Chris keeps reminding me that this is good for him and us. Oh here is a funny story---I had already left for work. Chris calls me and Kaden is just screaming. Chris said he had been screaming for awhile and he was going to take him to the Dr. Ryley and his cousins were jumping on the trampoline outside. I told Chris to take Kaden outside and see if he quit crying. Sure enough, he did. What a fit to get what he wanted. He wanted to go on the trampoline with the big kids. Chris said he was perfect the rest of the night. I am in for it!!
Ryley is good too. I cannot believe he is almost done with 1st grade. Wow! The time went sooo fast. I remember when he was Kaden's age. He was a lotttttt easier than Kaden was though. I am so proud of him in his school work and reading, he is doing well. Well that's about all that's happening in the Gee household for now. My blogging is slacking lately, that would probably be because I am at the Renaissance Women's Center of MWC Alll the time!!

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