Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mother's Day Out!!

Okay, well I enrolled Kaden in a Mother's Day Out. He was acting soo bored at home. I can only teach him so much and go so many places. Sonshine School was full all the way through next fall. Memorial Road was full. So I found DaySpring Church of Christ. Some people from Westwood, Edmond, and Memorial Road Church of Christ run it. I saw Melissa Smith enrolling Harper there today as well. Anyway, today was Kaden's first day and I was sooo nervous. These are some pictures from when we dropped him off. He didn't cry or anything so I didn't cry which was good. Dawn Sharp who goes to Edmond COC was his teacher and I know her so I felt even a little better there. I dropped him off at 9:30. I called at 11 and he had not cried once and they were about to eat lunch. So I told her I would not call again since he is doing well. I was like "okay, what do I do now". So I went and tanned, did some laundry, cleaned the entire house, and took a nap. It was AWESOME!!! Then we went to pick him up. He slept for 1 1/2 hours at naptime (I was totally amazed at that). And he still has only had one nap today. I tried to lay him down around 4 but he wouldn't go go sleep. And he ate well at lunch. I think Mother's Day Out was just what he needed and me too!!!!!! That top picture is of me TRYING to let him go! How sad!

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