Sunday, April 02, 2006


Here is Kaden playing outside! He loves it. I don't think he likes the really hot weather though, like on Saturday and today. We went to Ryley's soccer game and he was cranky and I think it was because he was too hot. Anyway, today Ryley has baseball practice from 2-4 and a soccer game at 5pm and then church. What a busy life. Oh, and I have to work tonight! I may not make it through the night. I had a great time at Girls night out/Dean baby shower. I have not been out without kids in forever and it was great. I got some good insight on staying at home with young kids and things to do. It seems like Kaden and I get bored a lot. But I am going to fix that problem. Well I guess I will try to rest for a short while until the action begins for the day!!!

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