Monday, April 10, 2006


Okay today was our first playgroup at the church. It turned out great! I got accomplished what I went for. Kaden is exhausted and worn out and is now sleeping soundly in his crib. Yea! It was fun, let's see--Jacob Smith and Kaden had a screaming contest, which was really fun! Mark Stone was running over everything with the riding tractor. Camdyn would not let anyone hold her brother Carter! She thought he needed to be lying down the whole time-How cute! Madison Smith was amazed at some black bugs in the bible hour room. Brett Hawley just laughed and laughed when we had the parachute out. I think they all had fun! I am trying to work on sharing with Kaden but its not working very well, and then he will just screeeaaaammmm at the top of his lungs. OUCH, it hurts my ears. I think we are down to 1 nap a day now for now. Probably until he starts walking, which seems like it will be never. His therapist comes Friday, maybe she has some helpful hints..........Well I guess I will clean or something while he is sleeping.... Byeeee!

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Tom Sawyer said...

One word for you all...OUTDOORS