Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Self-Control and Frustration!!

{Warning: This is a BIG VENTING BLOG ENTRY}Okay, Maurice's lesson was allll about me tonight! I did not know he knew that much about me. Help! Everything really hit home tonight. I am out of control. Really, out of my mind and out of control. First off--Kaden has this screaming thing going on and has had for a while, which is why I am out of control. He screams about EVERYTHING! I do not know how to correct it except say "no" and redirect his behavior, but that doesn't work. Every time he screams my head is about to explode! Anyway, Exedrin tension headache helped that one. Second, I have only worked 1 week of my contract and I feel like I have been working full time for 6 months already. I am in trouble! 12 more weeks to go! Actually, with all this screaming going on, I look forward to going to work. (Is that bad?) No, I Love Kaden to death, I am just a bad mommy and don't know how to handle things the right way. Leading back to "self-control". Thirdly, in class they talked about sports being in the way of church and God. Confession: two weeks ago Ryley was in the second game away from the championship game in MWC and our game was Sunday morning at 8am. Yes, Ryley and I went to the game. (SHRUG) Chris and Kaden came to church. It was a hard decision. He's one of the best ones on his team. I did make sure Ryley knew what the right decision should have been. (SHRUG Again) And we did come to church that night. We did gripe to everyone around about having games on Sundays. And it will probably happen again because Ryley plays soccer, baseball, football and basketball. Anyway, so the lesson was totally about me.
On another note it looks like we will be going to Alabama for Kaden's next surgery in the summer of 2007. Dr. Knott-Craig, our awesome surgeon is moving there and our cardiologist said if we can afford it, that would be the best move probably. Kaden went to the Dr. today for a 15 month check up. The doc is seeing him every 3 months. Dr. is concerned with Kaden's weight again. He dropped from the 25th % to the 7th percentile, weighing in at 21 lbs. So now I am stessed again (self-control) about his eating. Dr said to add butter to everything he eats. FUN! And to go back to him drinking pediasure again. FUN again! Well ya know it really looks as if I just need to sit down and have a little talk with the guy upstairs, thats all I really need to do! So for anyone still reading my little vent I have going on here, I am now going to go pray!


TimJ said...

Well all be keeping you in our prayers. Lacy!

Jeny said...

Ok, you don't know me yet, but you will soon. We are moving back to Edmond in May. We are moving from Birmingham AL. Our son Mitchell had a Cardiology apt here last week and my husband who works at the hospital they were at told me they were hiring a new head surgeon - Knot-Craig. I had to think where I had heard the name - from one of your videos. I knew you would be so sad! So my comment is to tell you that we have tons of friends in Birmingham that we will introduce you to to take care of you next summer if you go to AL for the surgery. Our church here aslo has frunished Apts that they let church members from all over stay in while they have medical things going on in Birmingham! We will sooo make some calls when the time comes to get you taken care of when the time comes! Jeny