Sunday, May 14, 2006

Baseball and Mothers Day!!

Well Ryley's baseball team has been in a tournament all weekend. We played 3 games on Saturday. Whew! It was hot and Kaden did not have fun. The boys played good but unfortunately we won one and lost two, which means today we have to come up through the losers bracket starting at 3pm. I was very thankful that they did not play at all during church services. I think Ryley is going to go pro someday. He is good! I am glad today is a little bit cooler than yesterday. We were going to go out to eat for a nice Mother's Day dinner after church but Kaden could hardly keep his eyes open and he would not have been good, so we came home and put him to bed. Maybe for dinner, if we aren't playing in the finals. Ryley got me this card with a great coupon book in it, which included a nap, a work of art, a bubble bath, a back message, etc. It was great. And of course they all got me the jogging stroller that I have been wanting, so little Kaden will have something to do while I attempt to exercise-Ha! Well Happy Mother's Day to all!!

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Tom Sawyer said...

Can't win them all Ryley!! At least your uniforms looks great!