Monday, May 22, 2006

Cool Dude!

Kaden and Ryley love our pool! Ryley swam all weekend long! Kaden didn't like it at first but after the water warmed up, he loved it. Of course we have to have our paci! We went to play group this morning at church. That was fun and now Kaden is sound asleep! This is Ryley's last week of first grade. I can't believe he's aready going to be in second grade. He is reading so well and now he is into chapter books. Well not very much is going on, Ryley plays our rival team in baseball tonight. OH I almost forgot, Kaden can stand up on his own without pulling up on anything. Of course he only does this every now and then but he can do it. I was about to cry when he was doing it. I never thought this boy would walk. He still isn't walking but he's very close. I don't think he has felt good these past few days. Kind of fussy! Chris is ready for my contract to be over. He's not into watching kids all day! HA! Well at least he knows what its like. He told me that it wears him out. HA again! Well I guess I will go for now and enjoy time to myself while Kaden is napping and Ryley is at school for one more week!!


TimJ said...

Kaden looks like one cool guy! Nothing like his father... ;)

Tom Sawyer said...

Pretty weak of Gee to complain about watching kids all day. Then again what are we to expect from him? :)

Love the pics of Kaden. Someone needs to feed Chris more...he looks like he is wasting away