Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Spaghetti Head!!

These are some pics of Kaden eating Spaghetti! I thought they were funny. He had it everywhere. He has been eating really well lately. He loves his Mothers Day out program. He is very happy to see us at the end of the day, but he has fun. His vocabulary is increasing almost everyday. It is soo fun to watch him try to say new things. Let's see he can now say squirrel or something like it, bath but sounds more like bat, ryley-this is the cutest thing he tries to say and of course mama, dada, bubba, thank you and a few more. I don't feel like we are making any progress towards walking, but I guess he will do that when he's ready. Well i read Chrissy's blog and got pumped up to go running. So I told Chris that I needed a jogging stroller. I woke up from sleeping today and he had bought me one for Mother's Day. He gave it to me early. How sweet! I love it. We took Kaden on a walk tonight and he loved it, while Ryley rode his bike. My goal for now, is to go running/jogging/walking (I am not as good as Chrissey and Kim) 2 times a week starting out. And then increase to 3. And yes, we are going to Mitch Park as well to run the hills. FUN! Chris is going to go with me. I should be looking like Chrissey and Kim in no time, skinney!! (YEA RIGHT!) HA HA! One more thing---I was completely shocked that Chris Daughtry went home. What is America doing!! I was very disappointed, I thought he deserved to win. Now I guess i will go for Katherine! Well i better get to work 11p-7a. BOO!


Kim said...

I'm very proud of you! I started off (last year) walking for 30-45 minutes and then started jogging 2-3 miles after a few months. I also added in strength training and I lost 25 lbs in 6 months. I also love to ride my bike. I have a hard time scheduling exercise now though since Molly keeps me so busy (I can only imagine what 2 kids would do to me!) You go girl!

Crissy said...

Chris, that was nice of you to put my son in the "middle weight" class...but let's face it, we both know he is HEAVY weight all the way! :)~ How did you guys like Dos Garbachos? Lacy you are going to love your stroller. It is really great to have at the zoo as well!