Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Well Lately Kaden is obsessed with wearing hats, sweatbands, and necklaces and glasses. Every time he finds any of these things he puts them on. Here he has the hat, necklace and of course the paci! He is soo much fun lately! He can now say 25-30 words and point to what he wants, which takes a lot of stress off of me. He can take 2-3 steps alone as well. Chris and I are going Dave Ramsey crazy AGAIN!!! But this time we aren't stoppin until we are debt free, except the house of course! I have been working soooo many hours. Remember that jogging stroller I got for Mothers Day. Well I am finally about to put it to use. Our family is going to Mitch Park to run/walk the hills. Ryley will ride his bike. I have got to get into shape and lose weight. I can't take this body nooo more! PLUS we are going to Arizona/Mexico in July which means i will have to wear a bathing suit. YUCK! Well off to Mitch Park-wish me luck, hope i make it back! ha ha

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Crissy said...

You guys can do it. Just stick with the Ramsey plan. It WORKS!!! Stick with working out to. Our family is going to California in July so I have to get bathing suit ready as well. We will have to encourage each other along!