Saturday, June 03, 2006


Okay, we have been at the baseball field all day and I am burned. I put sunscreen on the kids, but not me. Whoops! Anyhow, I figured there has got to be something for babies to make shade. So I went down to Babies R Us, the baby superstore that has everything, and sure enough there were 3-4 different things they had for shade for babies. We bought this one! And the best thing is that Kaden loves it. We had it up in our living room and he would not get out of it, so I put his pillow in there. But of course, he wouldn't sleep in it, what was I thinking. So we will be taking this neat little thing to the ball field tomorrow and Kaden will have shade, while Ryley finishes his tournament. We won both games we played today, our boys played awesome!! Go Edmond Redhawks! And I was very glad to see that the Sunday games do not start until at least 12 noon. So everyone has time to go to church. Yay! I haven't blogged in awhile. I have been working my bootie off and sleeping just as much! I really miss being home with Kaden, but Chris is doing a really good job! I don't think I am a very good stay at home mom, anyhow! I feel like my kids are just bored all day. But I think after this contract, I will not be working as much, who knows! Kaden is talking up a storm and doing such cute things everyday. He can now say Yucky, amen, papa, stinky, and truck to add to the rest of his list. Still very very very very close on walking. He can also fold his hands to pray! Precious! He also knows how to test me and throw really big fits. NOT FUN!! Well i guess that would be all for now at the Gee house!

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