Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cardiology Update!

Well.....Kaden had his cardiology check up yesterday. He is 4 1/2 months post op and doing FANTASTIC!! If you've been around him lately you will know that he was 5 times more energy than he used to have. He wants to walk/run everywhere instead of being carried. It's amazing! His oxygen sats are now 95-96% when they were 79-85%. He was on Lasix (diuretic) Aldactone (diuretic) and Coumadin (blood thinner) and Enalapril (strenthens his heart). They took him off the diuretics one by one and yesterday took him off his coumadin. So now he will just be on Enalapril and a baby aspirin everyday. YAY! The coumadin was a pain in the you know what everyday. We had to crush 3 pills, mix it up with something and give it to him and then get his blood checked every 2 weeks. He was a trooper though, he took his meds with no problem ever, and got used to the finger sticks and did great. Now we are done with that. YAY! His ECG looked good and his echo looked good. When they were doing surgery they left a small hole in his heart called a fenstration to allow for the lungs to adjust to the increased blood flow to them and the hole can close on its own and that would be the ideal situation but if it doesn't then we have to go back in to the cath lab and they will have to go in and close it. Kaden's still has not closed but they will give it a full year. We go back in April-May and if its still not closed then we go in for a heart cath AGAIN! So we are done with cardiology until MAY! YAY! ON a side note Dr. Ward did go ahead and say that since this surgery is fairly new and we don't know what people do in 30-40 years with this (live or die), he said when he turns like age 13-18 the right ventricle which is doing ALL the work for Kaden's heart might poop out, and in that case he would need a heart transplant. So if you need something to pray about for the next 10 years, Kaden can be on your list! Maybe if we start now, he won't ever need it and his heart will do great. Dr. Ward told us he just had to do that with an 18year old girl. SCARY! They also don't know how long people live with this surgery, they have only been doing it for 25 years. So keep Kaden in your prayers whenever you think about it. We have 10 years to get them going!! But as for now, he is doing WONDERFUL! I love him so much, and am so glad he is still here with us, by the grace of God. Thank you!

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