Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Well Sunday I turned 28!! This was hard for me this year. 28 sounds so old. This was the first birthday that I felt that. Anyway, we were so exhausted from Six Flags that we just hung around the house all day. We did go to my favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse and ate lunch. I got my all time favortie, a cookie cake, and it was YUMMY. My friend Holly got me a Sonic card which is an Awesome gift, as many times as I go to Sonic. Chris got me a very nice card and some candles. AND of course the Six Flags trip. It was a very nice birthday. What I really wanted was a whole day of not taking care of kids. (except nursing Jaylee of course) But he didn't get that for me---HOW RUDE! Just joking. But there went another birthday. Kaden didn't understand why I didn't have my birthday party somewhere fun. I told him, it was at Six Flags. He understood then. Happy Birthday to me!

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