Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jaylee is 9 months old!

My baby girl is 9 months old as of Thursday! Jaylee is now crawling full force. She was 9 months and 2 days on 11-29-08. We go to the doctor on Tuesday and we are getting hr ears pierced then too. We are doing the medical ear piercing at her doctor's office. They put numbing cream on her ears and everything. I can't wait!! I will post more stats soon after her appt. But some things about Jaylee this month are:

She is now crawling
Her likes are: Riding her tigger toy, practicing crawling, standing at her leap frog activity center, she loves fur, nursing, her brothers, oatmeal, fruits, her naps, her blankie and paci, and most of all she LOVES her momma, SHe is a HUGE mommy's girl. Anytime I am in the room and walk away, she cries and if I am standing next to anyone she will always go to me. She loves her daddy as well, but not as much as mommy at this moment. And she pretty much wants me all the time. As it makes me feel good inside, its also a pain in the you know what. I love my baby girl though!

Her dislikes are: diaper and clothes changing, car riding sometimes, wiping her face or nose, green veggies, and being left alone to play. She has to see me at all times. UGH!

Some things Jaylee can do now are: crawl, wave bye bye, clap, sign for "more" and "all done", stand up to things for short periods, she's still a little wobbly, drink from a sippy cup, eat stars and cherrios by herself

Other things about Jaylee:
Diaper size 3
Clothing size 12-18 months
Nurses 4 times a day
Solids 3 times a day
Sleeps 8pm-7:30 ish am
2 naps lasting 1 1/2-2 hours long
Shoe size 3

Happy 9 months Jaylee!!!

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