Saturday, November 22, 2008

New toy and Almost Crawling!

Well Miss Jaylee is just sooo close to crawling. She can get on all fours and rock and occasionally go and then fall. She is practicing really really hard and is really really frustrated because she wants to go so bad. To ease the frustration, I got Kaden's tigger toy out of the attic from when he was little, and SHE LOVED IT! I didn't think she would do much on it, but she was standing up and rocking and laughing. She probably played on it for an hour. So it was a big hit. Last night I put her on the bathroom mat while I got ready and she crawled 3-4 steps and fell and busted her lip right before PICTURE day with Kerri today. UGH! It was bleeding and fat. It did look better today but it was so sad. Our photo shoot went okay. Jaylee wouldn't smile in her Christmas outfit because she doesn't feel good. She has a cold. Then with the family pic, when jaylee was looking, kaden wasn't, and vise versa. But hopefully she got some good ones. The boys did great on their individual pics, and Jaylee did good once we got outside. We will see soon! She did a great job! We also had our Thanksgiving tonight with our church class. It was a great time, but as usual, I forgot my camera. It was a good time of fellowship and best of all, MY pie was a hit. It was gone when we left! Last year it turned out runny, this year it was good. Jaylee was crawling a little bit there, but kept falling and bumping her head on stuff and getting mad. Poor baby! Just go! Anyway, it was very fun and good food. That's all for now.

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