Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day!

Chris and Ryley playing the b-ball game

Jaylee with her new toy

Kaden got a new Kid Tough portable DVD player

Jaylee loved her new baby dolls

Kaden and Ryley playing dart tag

Santa brought Jaylee a new riding toy

Santa brought Kaden a playhouse

Santa brought Ryley a power wing scooter

Santa brought Jaylee a Princess ball thing

Santa brought Kaden a blue ball and a jump o lene

This sums up our Christmas day! Santa definitely came to town! There was no room in our living room for all their stuff. Santa did not know how big that jump o lene was. My goodness, its HUGE. I don't know what we are going to do with it. But it lets Kaden and Ryley jump and get energy out and wrestle and be boys. Ryley got that basketball game in the pic and it is sooo fun. I can beat him and Chris. Go me! Jaylee was wayyy overstimulated on Christmas day. She was soooo tired. She slept all night. I think I have come to the conclusion that she has a sore throat. Today I was feeding her and everytime she swallowed she starting crying. So i guess I will call the doc and see what he wants to do with her tomorrow. Luckily my doc sees patients until 12 on Saturdays. YAY! My mom and stepdad and sister and her new hubby came. We opened presents and then had a yummy dinner. Chris spent ALLLLL afternoon putting together the basketball game thing, but it was worth it, we played it all night. It was fun. But we had a very Merry Christmas and my family is very blessed!


Jeny said...
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Jeny said...

Wow those are some huge toys! Looks like fun at your house! Who needs pump it up?