Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas #2

My Pretty Princess

Ryley being Silly

My boys

Pretty Girl Again

Newlyweds Jenni and Kyle (my sis)

Jaylee opening her present

Ryley got some mou-lah!

No such a bad pic!

Chris carving his first deep fried Turkey!
It was YUMMY!

Well Christmas #2 was held in Enid at my mom's house on Christmas Eve. We always go there and have a WONDERFUL dinner (I think it is better than Thanksgiving). My stepdad's family comes over too and we open present and then have wonderful desserts. Then we head back home to wait on Santa. This year, the guys thought it was time for Chris to learn to carve the turkey. He did, and it was great! My kids pretty much got worn out. Poor Jaylee, she didn't know what to do with herself. She has been extremely cranky lately. i think she is teething AGAIN, but who knows, maybe its her first ear ache. I always seem to take her in for nothing. You would think I would know something, her being my third kid, but I just don't know what's wrong with her. Most of her day is prob spent fussing or crying. I mean she has her happy moments but I just don't know. My goodness. But she had fun opening her presents and playing with the paper. Ryley just got money at this one, and Kaden got some science thing to make aliens, and a remote control car, Jaylee got a little bear that said (baby's first christmas!), and a pink pig that vibrates and an outfit. We swiped some cookies for Santa and off to Edmond we went to wait on him...........................Stay tuned for Christmas Day!!!

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