Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jennilee's Wedding (my lil sister)

Well December 13, 2008 my little sister got married. Her and Kyle have been together for like 7 years or something and are a perfect match. I couldn't be more happy for them. It was a great wedding and we had a great time. It was a little stressful, but a good time. Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner which was nice. Jaylee was wayyyy tired so that made it not so nice, so we hurried and ate and left so she could go to BED. On our way out Kaden decided to open up the fire alarm door and they couldn't get the alarms off for like 5 minutes or so. AND if you know Kaden, he is scared to death of loud noises, so he was scared. He took off running to me as fast as he could. All the groomsmen were giving him a high five for doing that. Maybe they put him up to it, I don't know. Then Saturday we headed to the bridesmaids luncheon. We had fruit and veggies and got to visit with just us girls. I was the Maid of Honor. After that we headed to the church at 1:30 AND the wedding wasn't until 6. I was nervous, because I had left all 3 kids with Chris and gave him very strict instructions on them HAVING to have their naps. This was crucial that they get one. AND i had to have Jaylee to me at the church by 4:45 so I could nurse her and get my corset all laced back up and be ready to go. Well let's just say she did not get nursed at all until 8:30pm. She had baby food at 5pm though, so it all worked out okay. They did get their naps and Chris actually had to wake them up to get them to the church at the specified time. Ryley's part was just to walk my mom down the aisle to light the two candles that would be for the Unity candle. And Kaden was the ring bearer. Ryley did great. Kaden was to walk with the flower girl. It took them FORVER to get down the aisle. It was hilarious. But all in all it was a good night and very pretty ceremony. Now they are in Mexico on their honeymoon. They just texted me and are getting massages by the ocean.. NO FAIR! She always wanted a Christmas wedding and it was beautiful! Congrats Sis!

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KT said...

Congrats to Jenni & Kyle! She looked so pretty! Please pass on my congratulations!