Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Kaden!

Well Saturday we had a Pump it up party for Kaden, since he finally got over his fear of moon bounces. We had a great time. I think a lot of people forgot about it, or misplaced the invitation. We still had a good turnout but not near everyone I invited. His birthday is just at a really bad time. Right around Christmas and New Years, but I had to send out invites before all that so people would know. Oh well it was a great party! The morning of his party, he wasn't even very excited and I was trying to get him excited and it really didn't even seem like his b-day. I was like in denial that he is 4 already or something. But once his friends started showing up he got more and more excited. My mom even went down the slide and raced Chris. About half way through the playing Kaden was exhausted, he layed down on the mat and then layed down on the table waiting on his cake. Poor baby. He just can't endure like the others. Jaylee had a blast too. She missed her 10am nap and made it through the whole party, but was OUT the minute we started driving home. He took about 4 blows to blow out each candle. His cake was made by Katie Rowten at I am so happy that I finally found a cake lady who can make all my cakes. It was soooo cute. Check out her website. I think she may go to Memorial Road C of C. Not sure though. Anyway, some things about Kaden this year are:

Weight 32 lbs (he's so skinny)
Height 36 inches
Can ride his bicycle now but still get tired from peddling
Loves to jump on trampoline
Favorite food- Pizza, Any Fruit, fruit snacks, popcorn, chicken nuggets, (he's a good eater most the time )
Favorite toy-WII, his V-motion, Thomas the train, race and train tracks, playing anything Ryley plays, reading books
Can count to 20 (sometimes misses a few teens though)
Knows all shapes, colors, can recognize some letter and #'s
Can Write his name
Going to start t-ball and soccer this coming year
Loves Alvin and Chipmunks movie, Max and Ruby, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Kaden is a great little and big brother, although he is learning to torment Ryley
Has had 6 open heart surgeries where his chest has been cut open and has breezed through like a champ
Has spent approx 3 months of his life in a hospital
He is my little hero and the strongest little boy I know! I love you Kaden, you are my little warrior and I hope the worst is behind you now! There is still a slight chance of him having a pacemaker or heart transplant later down the road in his teen years, if his right ventricle decides to poop out, but with lot and lots of prayer we know we won't need any of that. Happy 4 years Kaden!

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Cheryl said...

Sorry we missed it. The girls were really upset. Steve and I have been fighting sinus infections for over a week, and we just didn't have "it" on Saturday to do much of anything. I'm glad he had a great time and has gotten over his fear of moon bounces! :)