Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jaylee is 11 months!

Well 1 more month to go Jaylee and you will be the big 1 year old. She got to experience her very first snow today and yesterday. We just ventured out quickly for a pic and then back in. Too cold for us! However Ryley was in and out all day long. I will try and get pics of him tomorrow, which is his Birthday by the way. So tomorrow is his day. Kaden has been running a very high fever for two days now and today I can't get it below 102. I am very worried about him, so we will be at the doc first thing in the a.m. if its not closed again. AND he just got off antibiotics like 3 days ago. I will give you an update tomorrow on him. Some things about miss Jaylee this month are: She is trying very hard on pulling up to things and once she gets up then she gets scared and doesn't know how to get down. She has decided that she doesn't like baby food anymore and cries and pushes my hand away every time I try to give it to her. Good thing she has 8 teeth. So we have been eating real food food this week. She loves Waffles, grilled cheese sandwich, toast, green beans, she smashes peas- don't know if any really got in her mouth, chicken, yogurt, crackers, carrots-she smashes these too, cheerios, oatmeal and a few others. I was not ready for her to give up baby food this early. She will still eat fruit if I give her something she can eat herself first. She's silly. She is sleeping better at night, now all night consistenly finally. She got her first earache this past month and had her first dose of antibiotics. She is talking up a storm and will try to repeat a lot of stuff that I say. She can say, Bubba, dada, mama, da (dog), du (done), ea ea ea (eat), nac nac (snack), ni ni (night night).. She gives open mouth kisses that her daddy loves, She loves to get in the dog food bowl and water, no matter how many times she gets in trouble, She has learned the work "NO" this month. Mostly for turning off the TV and getting into the dog food. She is very tender hearted-the minute you say NO she starts crying. (AWWW) I don't have any stats right now but I know she is close to 19-20 pounds. Size 3 diapers still. Still nurses 4 times a day, is drinking from a sippy cup too, . HMMMM I guess that might be it. I love you Jaylee. Let's start planning your first B-day party. Your Tutu is ready, I hope you are walking by then, my little Princess!

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