Saturday, January 03, 2009

Meet Mocha!

Meet our new Chocolate Lab puppy, Mocha!
I know many of you think I am completely crazy for getting a puppy and a big puppy at that. It all happened one day when our friends brought over two puppies that they were trying to sell for their brother. Well of course my kids fell in love with them, but little did I know that my husband wanted one as well. Really bad! He has been wanting a big dog for a while now, one that he can train. I kept telling him absolutely NOT! NO NO NO!! But he told me he would do everything with it. I said "FINE"! All i could think about was HUGE piles of poop, and chewing on everything. Not fun at all. She was really cute and that night we bonded some. SO we got a puppy. We already have a yorkie. So now we will have a big dog and a little dog. Yippee! I am not a huge dog lover but not a hater either. I just have my hands full with Miss Jaylee, Mr. Kaden, and Mr. Ryley. Okay and Mr. Chris. Ha! Mocha is 7 weeks old and Chris has done a great job so far with her. She can sit, and heel already. Chris walks her everyday and spends time training her. I guess he was serious about wanting a dog to train. She is a very loveable dog, very laid back, and very smart and trainable. There ya go!

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Kerri said...

Whew! You are really going to have your hands full now! Good luck!