Thursday, January 15, 2009

My poor baby!

Well, we've had a rough week this week! Kaden had been running fever at night for two nights and then started complaining of right ear pain. GREAT! He had goopy eyes and runny nose so I took him in. Sure enough, right ear ache, so antibiotics we got! I didn't get any pics of him though. Well we get him straightened out and then Jaylee wakes up with the nastiest goopy eyes and runny nose ever! AND it just kept coming, it was like never ending GOOP! And it was yellow green too. So I call the doc, not wanting to take her in if it was nothing (since I've taken her in many times for no reason :) When I had taken Kaden he said that Jaylee may get his cold but not necessarily the ear ache. She was up A LOT last night but went back to sleep so I'm not sure if its an ear ache or not. So I call him----and my great doctor just called me in some antibiotics anyway without me having to bring her in. I guess he was worried about that nasty goop too. Anyway, I feel sooo sorry for her, she just looks horrible. She also has a cough that sounds nasty. AND she hates me wiping her face. Please pray for my sweet girl!!

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heather said...

Poor baby! She looks just miserable! Hope she gets better soon--and Kaden too!