Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Pics

Jaylee and her friend Kilee in the swing!

Jaylee found the back door this week!

Jaylee also found the dog bowls that she won't leave alone!

This was after church one day! Sundays are rough!

Here is my sweet puppy Mocha asleep on my shoe!

My sweet princess looking pretty!

I know these are only of Jayee and you would only think I have only one child but she has been the only one around for pics lately. I do have a 9 year old also who is NEVER around for pics ever. He is always in school or at sporting events. But I hope to get some of him soon. AND taking pics of girls is so much for phone than boys. This week she has started exploring the house. Before she would just stay in the living room and play or play in which ever room I put her in. NOW there is no stopping her, she is everywhere. and Into everything!! Let's just say this week I am tired! Whew!

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