Friday, February 13, 2009

My own Photo Shoot! Happy V-Day!

This was Kaden's Valentine Card for School that he gave his friends!

Uh Oh, her tutu is falling off!

Kaden what kind of smile is that?

Nooo, don't kiss me!

Another Crazy Kaden smile!

Well I missed Kerri's photo shoot so I decided to do my own! It actually went well. I bought a white sheet for my back drop and rose petals and we were in business! They must have been good because when I went to pick them up at Walmart, the guy told me I needed a copyright paper from the photographer in order to have my pics because they were professional. I said "UM NO, I did those with my own camera, now give me my pics". He did! Maybe in my next career I will be a photographer! HA HA! I probably better stick with just being a mommy for right now. Well we are heading to Enid after Ryley's basketball game on Saturday to go see my mom since Chris is in Houston all weekend. I just recieved a dozen roses at my doorstep from him saying he wishes he could be here. Awww How sweet! Thanks Honey! Enjoy! Happy Valentines Day!


heather said...

these are adorable! Want to come down here to Ft Worth and take some pics of my kids?

Crissy said...

What sweet pics! I love Jaylee's bday invite!

Yes Karate is soooo expensive. Our friends gave us a two months free gift card that was given to them from their karate instructor. They won't be staying which really stinks bc there has been an amazing transformation in their behavior and attitudes since they started.