Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Story

Okay, here is Chris' story. I have been slacking on blogging lately and I am going to catch up darn it. This post is mainly for memories and for those that have no clue what happened to Chris on February 15th, 2009. Okay, The kids and I went to Enid to see my mom over Valentines Day weekend because Chris was going to a business conference in Houston. (I know, very lousy weekend to have it) I thought about going, but I would be stuck in a hotel room with 3 kids, 2 of which fight all the time, for like 3 days. We would be able to see Chris momentarily throughout the day, but I decided it wasn't worth it. Ryley likes to swim, Kaden is terrified of it, and I wasn't about to get in a bathing suit so Jaylee could swim. So we went to Enid instead. Sunday Morning at about 9:30am I get a call from Holly, who rode down there with him (she is my friend and Chris' business partner) saying Chris was having chest pains, trouble breathing, while driving home that morning. So he pulled over, got out, did his inhaler to see if that would help (he hasn't used that thing in ages), and passed out on the concrete. Holly called 911 and EMS took him away to the Huntsville Hospital. (right outside of Houston). At first they thought it was a minor heart attack. Actually for 2 days, they thought this. He was in the ER for awhile and I was stuck in Enid, not knowing what to do. I tried to stay calm. Holly later informed me that Chris had signed a paper wanting to leave against medical advise, because he was feeling fine and needed to get home. (I could have kicked him if I were there) Holly kept telling him she didn't think that was a good idea. So they took out his IV and all monitors off and were going to let him go because he insisted he go (such a man). So he stands up, starts pouring with sweat, turns white as a ghost, vomits, and almost passes out again! At that point they are going to admit him. So I am still scared to death in Enid. My wonderful mother helped me get a plane ticket ASAP, drove to Edmond and watched my kids. All 3 of them!!! I was very nervous to leave Jaylee because I have never left her over night before, and I had just weaned her off of nursing to whole milk. And I had no clue how long I was about to be gone. So off I went. The flight there was good and fast, I was just exhausted from all the drama, emotions, and being prego. A business friend, picked me up at the airport and drove me to Huntsville (about an hour away)! I got there and all i wanted to do was hug him and never let go. He didn't look so hot when I saw him. They had him on oxygen and he was sleeping. So Holly went to a hotel room with her baby (6mos) and I snuggled up in the chair and went to sleep. They did a series of tests the next two days including x-rays, echo, EKG, Stress test with radioactive dye, enzyme blood tests, cholesterol checks and blah blah blah! The next day he still wasn't feeling to hot, and was week and still kind of short of breath. Pretty much slept all day and didn't feel good, probably recooping from the weekend. So we just hung out in the room. The next day was when they were doing the stress test with radioactive dye. I asked if I could watch (me, being a nurse wanted to see everything). I told him I was prego and he said I couldn't even be around him for 2 days and I needed to stay 6-10 ft from him at all times. WHAT! That was harder than most of you think. We were scheduled to go home later that day and I was just going to put Chris in the back seat and I was going to drive, thinking this would be far enough away from him. BUT i wanted to call my OB doc to make sure just in case. Well she said "ABSOLUTELY NOT" and that I would either have to stay there for 2 days or fly home without him. Luckily, my saving grace through this all, Holly, was still hanging around waiting to get home too. SO she had to drive him home and I once again was scrambling for a plane ticket. I got one in quick time and was off to the airport. Chris was being discharged about this time too. We rushed to the airport and I ended up missing my fight at 5:15pm with Houston traffic, so I had to catch the next one at 7pm but with that flight, there was a stop in Dallas. UGHHHH!!!!! Why me? So I catch that flight and made it to Dallas, still being absolutely exhausted and drained. Make it to my next gate and I was supposed to be able to just hop right on the next plane and head to OKC. OH NO, that didn't happen. There was a 2 hour delay due to bad weather in San Francisco. What in the world am I going to do in an airport for 2 1/2 hours, I just want to go home. I call Chris and let him know, and he said, "OH we are in Dallas too". They are going to beat me home driving. Good Grief! So I eat a Cinnabon, buy a word search book, get a Dr Pepper and a snack, look for a baby name, talk to Audrey, my mom, my dad, Chris, and people watch for two hours. I catch my plane and off to OKC--FINALLY! Holly's sis picked me up at 11:15pm, made it to my house at 11:45pm and Chris and HOlly make it in at 12:30am. And that my friends is our dramatic story of Chris passing out. Oh yeah---forgot to tell you what was wrong with him--silly me. About 5 years ago he was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope. Because he was having some of these passing out episodes then. So basically that's what they are saying it is this time too. Basically, when he gets too dehydrated, stressed, overwhelmed, his body can't handle it at times, and his heart rate increases, his blood pressure drops, lack of O2 to the brain and causes him to pass out. The doc said he needs to have a water bottle at all times with him and drink all day long, and follow up with our cardiologist in OK when we get home. So his appt his for March 6th and he can't return to work until then. Good thing for taxes right about now. But I want to thank my totally awesome church class and congregation and my parents, for all the support, prayers, emails, calls, cards, meals, and a plane ticket. Once again we could not have made it through as well as we did without your support. I just can't thank you enough!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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