Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jaylee's First Birthday Party

The Cake and set up!

My Pretty Princess in her Birthday Tutu!

Opening her books!

Drinking from a big girl sippy cup!

Playing with Daddy!

Trying to walk with her new walker!

Her first pair of NIKE shoes!

And new Earrings! YAY!

Cute shirt!

Her new sandbox from Nana and Papa!

Looking at her cake!

Digging in!

She loved it!

Well Let's just say I am wayyyyy behind in blogging! My baby girl turned 1 on February 27th. We had her party on February 28th. We had a family and close friends party. The party was supposed to be at 12. I had it all planned out, I was going to have her nap at 10:30am and then she'd be awake at 12. We would all eat lunch and continue with the party. Well Little Missy had other plans for her day. She is starting to not want her morning nap. So I tried to put her down at 10:30 as planned but she didn't go to sleep until 11:35am. So she maybe got a 30 minute nap and was cranky when she woke up. I got her in her tutu and we walked in the room full of people. Everyone had already eaten. We had sandwiches from Hobby's Hoagies, chips, a veggie and fruit tray. AND since she was in her tutu, we went ahead and did presents first and then I would strip her for the cake. She got her first pair of Nike tennis shoes, some more earrings, some clothes, some books, a new baby stroller walker, a play cell phone, a sandbox, and some money. She made out pretty well. Then I decided to skip her lunch, because people were ready to watch her do cake. So she had her cake for lunch. Unlike her brother, she LOVED HER CAKE, and getting messy. She ate and ate and ate. It was a good party. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Next post will be her stats and some more about her for her first year!

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