Thursday, June 04, 2009

Swimming---attempt #1

Of course Kaden loved it this year, not so ,much last year!

Jaylee's first swim---not so sure about this

Jaylee and Kilee--not big fans at all!

Look at my cute swim suit!

Okay, so this was attempt #1 at swimming. I wanted to get a baby pool for Jaylee to play in this summer, and a bigger one for Kaden and Ryley. Well the one we got for the boys ended up having a hole in it in more than one place and the one we got for Jaylee you have to hook the hose up to it each time and run the water that way and it would be cold water every time and never have a chance to warm up----SOOO we boxed both pools back up and took them back. As you can see Jaylee did not have a good experience for her first swim. Kilee---her friend in the pic did not like it either and she still doesn't! Kaden took swimming lessons last year at Pelican Bay in the Pee Wee 1 class and he did not pass so he has to redo this class this year beginning on June 15th. Last year he would not blow bubbles in the water, jump in to his instructor, float on his tummy or back with help of instructor-----BUT this year I think he will do just fine and pass! HOPEFULLY! We will see.......Keep reading for Swimming attempt #2!

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