Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fathers Day!

On Fathers Day Chris wanted to go camping with the boys. I wasn't about to go out there being prego and hot. So Jaylee and I stayed home and had some girl time. We had absolutely no camping stuff so we went and got the basics needed for camping. They went to Lake Arcadia. They swam in the lake, fished, built a fire, had smores, breakfast, and camped, They had a blast. This was the boys first time camping all night in a tent. They loved it. Chris wants to start going with them more. I'm glad they do that and spend father/son time and since we are going to have 3 boys in our family its a great thing for them to do. I will go occasionally but I am not the camper type really. Jaylee and I will head to the spa--HA! But he got cards from the boys and me, we went to church, and lunch and then he went camping. He had a great Fathers Day!!

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