Thursday, July 02, 2009

Finishing up Baseball/Tball

Ryley's Team The RedHawks

Ryley Running

Ryley Batting

Kaden and Daddy after getting his first medal

Kaden and Mommy

Kaden and his team

Kaden Running

Kaden batting

Kaden being carried off field to pee (EVERY GAME)

Kaden out in the field

AND BASEBALL IS OVER!! Obviously I am a little behind, because its been over for a few weeks. This was Kaden's first year of tee ball. He loved to bat, but didn't like going in the field as much. Chris had to take him off the field every game so he could pee. Goodness! He had a good first year though. Don't know if he liked it well enough to play next year or not, but we will see. Just the fact that he's playing is such a miracle to me. To see him run, bat, and field just makes me want to cry. I am so proud of him! Ryley's season is also over. Very busy season with tournaments and games! They did great. Ryley's pitching is getting better and better every year and he even hit a few over the fence this year. I was one proud Mommy! Good Job Ryley!

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