Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swimming at Papa's!

Jaylee, Chris and Ryley

Papa letting Jaylee have a drink of DP! Uh oh!

Jaylee loves her floatie!

Papa Chillin with Kaden because he wouldn't get in!

Daddy and Jaylee!

Chris and I!

Ryley Floating!

Okay I am a little behind on blogging, but I am determined to catch up TODAY!! This is the last part of June, we went swimming at my dads house. I went too and it was sooo refreshing since we have had 100 degree weather. This was Jaylee's first time in a big pool, and she loved it. She loved me holding her and sitting in her floatie! Kaden on the other hand would not get in, so we didn't make him. I don't know if that kid will ever swim. I am done fighting with him. My aunt was also in town at this time and she is taking Kaden back to Wichita Falls, TX with her for 5 days. He has never been away from home this long before, so we will see how he does. He actually did well and had a great time and said he didn't even miss us. My aunt spoiled him I am sure. Ryley also goes to church camp this week while Kaden is gone so It will just be Jaylee at home. Whoo hoo!!

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